Come with me on my journey to resdiscover everything
important to me, and illustrating the beautiful life around me.

I'm almost there.

I've always made a point to let curiosity be my guide in life. Being a photojournalist has been incredibly fulfilling because of my fascination with life and human nature. During my time in the Marine Corps, I received countless opportunities to experience the world and not become a product of my environment. That's always been important to me.

Though, my travels were not unlike a child's desperate attempt to fill an entire coloring book with scribbles as quickly as possible. I've been eager for an opportunity to experience stories more carefully. I think that's what this next part of my life is going to be about.


Let's go.

This project is a journey. I will choose each subject based on its meaning to me. Through this work, I want to try to illustrate life as best as I know it. I hope to explore people, objects and spaces from the inifinite to the infinitesimal.


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